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Default Re: S-Series Automatic Transaxle "Reverse Slam Cure-All"

After trying the wolfman fix and checking the nuts on the shafts I finally swapped out the valve body and it seems to have fixed it for now.

I took me a few hours to do it and the hardest part was getting the bolts back in the pan under the wiring harness.

So far so good, it shifts in reverse and drive like butter but it still feels lie its shifting hard but i think that just might be because of the motor mounts being worn out and the drivetrain is moving to much on gear changes.

Both fixes listed by the OP is was very handy in doing this, just that you can loosed the back bolts on the subframe for the clearence needed to remove the side cover with out any grinding.

I hope this fix holds.

Jeremy Vickers

01 Saturn SL2 auto.

"For every abused saturn, Wolfman kills a kitten."


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