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Default Re: Cleaning EGR Valve (with Pictures)

I just cleaned my throttle body and EGR valve today, as it was getting stuck open and throwing an SES light.

The pintle on mine became completely stuck the first time I depressed it, and spraying carb cleaner had no effect. I was horrified as I needed my car later that day for something. Finally I figured out that I could tap (hard but not too hard) the bottom of the valve (the one with the ports) with a screwdriver and it would pop back out again.

The engine idled real high and generally just acted funky after I did it (which may also be because of the throttle body being cleaned), but it eventually settled down after driving it some time. The SES light stayed on for awhile, but it eventually went off.

Very easy repair. Takes maybe 10 minutes if everything goes right. Thanks for the writeup!


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