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Happy Re: Cleaning EGR Valve (with Pictures)

Originally Posted by DrPimper View Post
oh man thanks allot for posting on this subject. I was watching my favorite TV show since 1984, MOTORWEEK and they were suggesting to clean the EGR on older cars to keep on top of fuel economey. They were generalizing all cars, but said that most cars and kinda complex and they should be cleaned professionaly, screw that, I have less of a chance of screwing this up than some punk kid paid to wrench on cars.
Here is the transcript:
Hot Flush
Pat Goss

It seems a lot of the preventative maintenance on automobiles these days involves keeping things clean. Now a prime example of that is the E.G.R. system.

E.G.R. stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, and what it does is, it takes exhaust as it leaves the engine and recirculates it back into the cylinders to reduce the burning temperature of the fuel and air mix in each cylinder. The reason for that is if the fuel burns too hot the emissions go up and the fuel economy goes down, so this has to be done on a regular basis.

If we look at an E.G.R. valve off of a new Honda, for example, we would see that the passages are clean and unobstructed. But when you look at an older E.G.R. valve - one that hasn't been maintained with a passage that is completely blocked - that would have a significant effect on both emissions and fuel economy. So how do you prevent it?

About every 30,000 miles or so you look for an E.G.R. cleaning service. It uses a canister like we see here, and in that canister are some extremely strong chemicals that are fed into the E.G.R. system to clean away the cooked on carbon and everything that's in the passages. There are special adaptors for the different makes and models of vehicles, and it does an exceptionally good job.

The next thing that we need to keep clean is the transmission cooler. This is especially important following the failure of an automatic transmission. When that transmission fails, it fills the oiling system full of little bits of debris, and that can get trapped up inside the transmission cooler. There is no way to get that out except with a tool like this Hot Flush machine.

The Hot Flush machine uses a heated chemical that gets circulated in and then back, in and back. Through a process of going through this continuously for an extended period of time, it removes all of the debris out of the transmission cooler. That means you don't have repeated failures due to debris that has collected in the cooler and then moves back into your new transmission. If you need transmission work, this is the tool you should look for!

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