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2002 VUE 3.0L
Default Re: 02 V6 Misfire codes; need engine layout

Originally Posted by vhayduk View Post
Thanks for all the replies.

nil5: I'm using a ELM327 (google it; a very popular USB-> OBDII interface) and this software:

I'm trying to use software from here but it doesn't work yet. I'm working with the developers to see where the problem it. I'm also trying to convince them to rework the GM enhancements to work with the 02/03 V6 Vues. If they were to do that, I believe it would be the only aftermarket scantool offering that for the 02/03.

yzracer: Interesting... since I just did the timing belt, I was starting to think that I had one of the cams on the rear bank a tooth off. I'm still going to look into that possibility. You said you had the same codes as me; did you have exactly the same ones? As in misfire on 1/3/5? I have a hard time believing that vac leak could only affect one bank and not the other? Since the intake runners are front/back/front/back/front/back what are the chances of having a leak on the back ones only.

For the record, no I didn't replace the gasket. I forgot to order it when I ordered the other parts and it looked fine. For the record: which gasket are you referring to? I pulled the top half of the intake to change the spark plugs but I didn't touch the "lower" intake. Are you referring to the gasket between the "top" and "bottom" halves of the intake or the gasket between the "bottom" intake and the cyl head?


sad face

For everybody else who owns an 02/03 VUE or other vehicle with the L81 V6 (or similar family), if you go to the trouble to change the plugs change the thermostat while you're at it!! If you're going to change your thermostat, change your plugs!!

Now that I've got that over with

The only intake manifold gasket is attached to the intake manifold spacer. This is the aluminum piece that sits between the two heads and the intake manifold proper. From the factory it has a molded rubbery gasket that, while being a single piece, provides mating surfaces on both the top and bottom sides. The aftermarket replacement I used, by Felpro, is different because it has to be, but it solves the same problem and it works well enough.

Somebody got suckered into buying an entirely new intake spacer with the molded piece as an unscrupulous mechanic told them that the gasket alone could not be replaced.


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