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Default Re: 02 V6 Misfire codes; need engine layout

Did you replace your intake manifold gaskets (bottom and top of the plate between the engine block and intake plenum)?

I had the exact same issues that you do now and when I replaced those gaskets, all the misfire codes went away, and I started getting a lean condition code on both banks instead. That then turned out to be the recall issue that requires a spring kit in the top end of the intake manifold. The vent inside the intake plenum is a long black plastic piece and the screws loosen up and create a pretty large air vacuum. To fix it you need to remove all the screws, apply loctite on them, and then install the spring kit on the right side. I went one step further and applied RTV sealant to the gasket. After that, all my codes disappered.

I can't find the TSB for this recall issue but maybe someone who knows where its located can provide you with a link.


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