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2002 VUE 3.0L
Default 02 V6 Misfire codes; need engine layout

This Vue is really starting to get on my nerves Mind you, when it runs, it drives well and there's not much more that can go wrong

Todays problem: misfire codes

P0300 - Random Misfire
P0301 - Cyl 1 Misfire
P0303 - Cyl 3 Misfire
P0305 - Cyl 5 Misfire

I can't find an engine layout/diagram with cyl numbering for the L81. Anyone have it handy? I'm guessing that 1/3/5 is one bank. Most recent maint. was timing belt and plugs.

It runs OK when cold, but letting it idle warm is when the misfire(s) show up. Drives fine (no flashing engine light). I'm thinking it might be a vac leak as the short term fuel trims are jumping around a lot and bank 1 goes to +3.9 while bank 2 is at -3.9.



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