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Default Re: Battery replaced- now the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree!

Originally Posted by BLH RS4TC 4040 View Post
My '08 XR with 108K on it FINALLY needed the battery replaced about three months ago. Ironically, it was the original battery in the car. (I bought it when it was barely a year old and the dealer said it was, in fact the original battery.)

Before the battery was replaced, I've had the usual electrical issues that have been ongoing for years now- the third eye works when it wants to, the "dinger" is so quiet (and I'm hard of hearing), that you can't hear it when the car is running, and occasionally, random warning lights would come on, but go out shortly thereafter.

After I replaced the battery, suddenly the ABS light, Traction light, Air bag light all came on with the appropriate messages in the message center, plus the Check Engine light comes on intermittently. I hadn't had a problem before replacing the battery, and those all worked perfectly fine up til that point. However, on one particularly windy and icy Michigan night, I almost t-boned a semi truck when I couldn't stop at a stop light on the far side of a bridge over the Interstate, so unlike before- these lights seem to REALLY mean something isn't working right. I know the ABS and traction are related, but what would have caused all this to happen after changing the battery out? Does the car not like new parts?

I have tried hooking up my Innova code scanner up to it to figure out at least the CEL, but all it does is freeze up after telling me what protocol it uses. It won't go any further. I tried it in my old Ford van, and the scantool DOES work, just not in the Saturn for some reason. It has worked in the past, so this has me puzzled. I'll do a little reconnaissance in trying to diagnose the Air Bag light, but is this common for all these to go wonky after replacing the battery? I'd never had this happen in any vehicle I've ever owned or worked on.

I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I have had a couple of the recalls done- including the wiring harness one (which I had hoped would've taken care of the non-dinger and disco dash, but didn't). That was about two years or so ago.

Thanks in advance, and stay warm!

I had a similar Christmas problem once before when I had to take the battery out and test it, My whole dashboard was blink including dials.
I took of the black pole and connected it again an hour later or so and all the dash messages were gone. it never happened again since. I still don't understand why it happened I guess some sort of a voltage problem.


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