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Default Re: Used transmission installed, but shift pattern is wrong.

Originally Posted by billr View Post
Check resistance of the five solenoid coils. Can you read live-data? That will a save a lot of guessing/testing of things like the range switch, linkage adjustment, VSS, turbine speed sensor, trans fluid temp sensor. You have already check the three fuses for the trans, of course...
I did check and change the five Solenoid coils. The ones that were installed showed less than 4 ohms each. The ones that I put in showed 5.1 ohms +/-1 ohm.

I just purchased a OBDII diagnostic tester that is supposed to work with an app on my telephone. I've never used one, so I still have to read the directions, and make it work. But, yes, I should be able to read live data. I made need help interpreting it.

I have no owners manual, but just downloaded a shop manual, which I'll have to study. "1997-2002_Saturn_S-series_Repair_Manual.rar".I hope it will have a chart that will show me which fuses to check. Or I'll just check them all.

I'm likely to be at least a few days on this. Thanks for the info.


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