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Default Re: Jill Lajdziak: Retail Experience Makes the Saturn Difference

Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
I'm excited about the idea of Saturn getting its independence back again, and I'm surprised you're not too.
I will be, if somehow it ends up selling American designed and built cars, and not selling cars for some Chinese, Indian, or other foreign manufacturer. If they can add dent resistant body panels, even better! But I just don't see any realistic chance of getting back what's been lost. To me, being a truly American car that could compete with the imports is what Saturn was really about.

As for the current lineup:

I like the Sky. I think it's a cool car, though I doubt I'd buy one. Just not my thing.

The Aura is competitive. (It needs a nav system option, though.) I hate the ungainly headlights and the smiley face looking grille/headlight design, though. But aside from looks, it's a good car. I actually considered its platform mate, the Pontiac G6 (which has better looks, imo).

The Vue I do not like, and not just because it's built in Mexico. I don't like the styling at all. I liked the first generation Vue but I still think the name is stupid! (I absolutely hated the cutesy three letter name thing...glad Saturn abandoned that.)

The Outlook is a really nice vehicle, but at the same time represents what's so wrong with GM/Saturn. It is a cookie cutter rebadge, virtually identical to the GMC Acadia. There's nothing "Saturn" about the Outlook except the badge.

The Astra I don't like, largely because I think it's ugly! But of course styling is subjective. I'm usually not a fan of hatchbacks. I actually think the 2 door Astra is okay looking, the 4 door not so much! Also, it lacks certain features that you can find on a comparably priced Mazda 3.

Also, Saturn needs to make sure its cars get top marks for safety and reliability. It hasn't been consistent. If I look up Subaru's cars on the IIHS website, I'm pretty sure I'll find the entire lineup gets top marks in both the offset frontal and side impact tests. Saturn is hit or miss. Same with reliability. Saturn's products come from all over the place now, and reliability has been hit or miss.

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