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Default HVAC module/actuator

Anyone have a clue about how the HVAC module ("actuator," according to the catalog) operates? My AC isn't switching from fresh air to recirculating, and I traced it to the module. I pulled it apart and found one of the gears was cracked inside.

My big question is this: the module gets power when the HVAC system is in operation, but it will reverse to change direction of the motor. Is it supposed to get constant current, or is there something that is supposed to stop the juice after a certain amount of time, when a load (end of travel) is detected, etc? Mine gets constant current, and I'm wondering if that is why the gear is broken to begin with - once it hit the stop and kept getting power something had to give. Or, is the gear supposed to slip on the shaft and allow the motor to run constantly?

I don't mind buying a new one (it's only about $35 through, but if something is wrong and it's just going to break the module again I'll just keep moving the door by hand.
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