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2007 Outlook XR
Default Re: "Sticky" temperature display

Just thought I would post some more experience with my temperature display.

Started the Outlook for the first time about 6 pm. Temperature display said 54 degrees which agreed with another thermometer. Drove several miles to a restaurant, parked, and shut off the engine. As a test, I pressed the Recirc and AC buttons together. As MrHorsPwer said, the temperature display instantly updated to 69 degrees, reflecting the ambient engine heat built up just from being parked for a couple of minutes.

After dinner (less than 3 hours later), I started the Outlook and it showed the 69 degrees from before dinner. The outside temperature at this point was around 45 degrees.

For the first part of the drive home, I could not drive above about 35 mph and the temperature stayed at 69 degrees. Shortly before getting home, I got the speed above 45 mph and the temperature display started dropping. I got home before it could get all the way down to the actual temperature, but it dropped from 69 degrees to 53 degrees in about a minute.

So, I guess my Outlook is behaving as designed. It's just kind of weird compared to the other cars I own or have owned that display the outside temperature.


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