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Roll Eyes Re: "Sticky" temperature display

I've seen an issue related to this...

I've started up my Outlook and the outside temp is actually near 40F, the gauge reads 65F. After driving for a bit this does adjust down. However, I've had on one occasion started my Outlook remotely on a cold day, and the interior was still cold after several minutes and the heated seats were not on. I noted that the outside temp reading was +20F over what the actual temp was. We usually use the AUTO feature for the temperature control, and set it to about 72F. What I think happens (and correct me if I'm wrong) if the gauge reads 65F, the Outlook thinks it's 65F outside, it'll blow cool air and keep the heated seats off even when it's near freezing.

I've also had the temperature and fan speed adjust as the temp gauge starts to adjust as the difference between my set temp and the outside temp changes.

I guess when this happens I'll just freeze until the temperature adjusts, and/or manually blast the heat and then switch to the AUTO feature.


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