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Default Re: Auction car woes

Originally Posted by Dsaturn View Post
Go to rock auto and look for parts to see what they would add up to. $1800 may be a little to high. Bluebook is about $1500. I guess I am spoiled with my $400 plus $200 in parts 2002 l200 rust free car that had the engine replaced from a JY

Just remember you never get out of them what you put in to them.
I recognize that I'd be asking a bit high, but I don't really have any comparable cars in my area on Craigslist, so I'm going a bit below the cost of some of the plentiful newer Ions in my area since they seem to be the most similar. I guess as a buyer I'd be pretty excited buying a car that had this sort of major work done.

My thought process is that if I lose $300 in fixing it up and selling it, it's better than losing $500 scrapping it.

Originally Posted by pierrot View Post
Using the lowest cost, but respectable parts brands, and excluding core charges and shipping costs for two rear rotors and two loaded reman. calipers (pads included) from the base purchase price can be as low as $156.00.

Unless you intend to find brake lines from a wrecking yard, aftermarket bendable steel lines are inexpensive. Call around first and ask if stores near you have these steel brake lines. It's becoming a bit more rare for stores to stock these items. (We always had them at my father's auto parts store). You need to have the correct size fittings on them so you'd need to be able to match them with a sample from your car. A tubing bender tool might be required, and perhaps one could be loaned from an AutoZone, O'Reilly's, or some other store. If a purchase is necessary then they're not expensive. In any event, your basic parts costs should still be at, or under $200.00 including the replacement steel brake lines. If you can do the labor yourself then you've helped your "cause" out a bit more. You'd probably need two bottles of brake fluid just to be sure you've got enough on hand. The place with the least expensive price for that is Wal-Mart, generally.

Depending on the condition of the cores it's possible that they may be rejected as not rebuildable. A sheet listing the reasons for core rejections can sometimes be found in the boxes the replacement parts have been shipped in. Core costs for the AC Delco calipers I looked at were $30.00 each.

In short, yes, I believe that you should be able to replace the rear brake parts for $500.00 by making prudent decisions regarding the parts purchases.
Oh yes, I've got a number of Rockauto magnets on my fridge. I would guess I wouldn't be getting my core money back, the ones on the car are trashed from corrosion and I don't think they're come off easy either -- but you never know.

I've looked at pricing for parts on Rockauto already and I'm content with pricing I've found, my main concern is the brake lines. I've never done them before and I'm not sure how difficult they are to install. I would assume the process itself is pretty straightforward but I'm sure it can be a PITA. I was wondering if I could have a shop redo those as well but that's expensive labor and I couldn't drive it home with just that work done either as I'd rather do the brakes themselves myself.

Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it.


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