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Default Auction car woes

Hi guys,

I bought an L200 this weekend at an auction with 150k miles for $700. Car runs and drives great but it needed rear brakes, and I was like hey, no problem, I can scoop this up for a deal, throw some brakes in it, clean it up really nice and make some money on it.

Unfortunately for me I got it up on a hoist last night and rear brakes will be next to impossible to replace -- the rotors are shot because the pads are grinding, the calipers are rusted over and look like chocolate cake and I'm sure will win the fight if I try to take them off, and the brake lines leading up to it are completely rusted so it looks like one solid piece of metal. The brakes lines in the middle of the car are also rusted over so badly that they look like they might begin leaking if I look at them the wrong way.

Furthermore, the engine cradle is completely rusted through where it bolts to the car, and has more rust holes around the radiator. I don't think the car is worth $1500 in brakes and whatever time and labor would be involved to replace the cradle. I bought this car to flip but it appears that I got burned and this is probably why the car found itself at an auction.

I don't want to clean it up and sell it to someone unsuspecting, but I'm not sure of what else to do. I don't want to take a $400-$500 loss and just give it to a scrap yard, especially when it runs and drives as well as it does and the body and interior themselves are not in bad shape at all. What are your guys' thoughts?


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