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Default Re: Should GM Import the Opel Astra from Europe as Saturn's Next Small Car?

Originally Posted by Citation84
No, GEO had nothing to do with Saturn in the corporate planning. Geo was to be a specifically foreign cars based brand. None of those cars were built by GM [except the collaborative Prizm with Toyota] but rebadges of Suzuki and Isuzu products.The problem was that no one bought charade of GEO being a GM division or that it even mattered in the hierarchy. It was a sub brand FOR Chevrolet, with some of the badges even showing a little bow tie in the center. GEO was something Japanese for Chevy to sell since they couldn't or wouldn't design a decent small car for themselves. The business model was QUITE different from Saturn.
The hope was that people would go on to Olds FROM Saturn. Olds even studied the way Saturn did business in the early years.
The SC looks like the Storm and the 95-up Cavalier 2 door. They have the same elements, but the SL is a dead ringer for the Cutlass Supreme GM10 with the wrap around rear window and general styling
Well now they just gave up on it and stuck full-size Bow-Ties on Daewoos now. I don't know if you've got 'em in the States, but we have 3 full-fledged Daewoos wearing Bow-Ties here in Canada. I don't see much of the Storm or SC in the Cavalier, but yes the SL is a dead ringer for the old Cutlass. There is even a used car buyer's guide I was checking out and in the SL review it even mentioned that resemblance specifically. I was a kid when GEO disappeard, but everytime I see one of those damn things that stupid song goes through my head "Getting to know youuu, getting to know all about yooouuuu!"
Dammit, it's back

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