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Default Re: A/C Problems - '99 SL2

Low freon would be great if thats all it is. Wonder why or how low freon seems to cause such an affect only while the car is not moving? Moving and it feels fine. Without knowing how any of this works I just would have guessed that low freon would cause the same lack of cooler air even while moving?

Also, any insight into what controls whether the compressor is on or not? Again just guessing here but if the compressor coming on means the cooling process begins, which in some way it does since without it being on means your not going to get cool air, I would guess it is controlled via a thermostat maybe? So if it is controlled via a thermostat, and the car is obviously not getting cold and air coming out the vents is not cold, then why would the compressor be going on and off so much? I would think it would not turn off until the thermostat had a reading in which indicated it was ok to turn off now?

Again I dont know anything about this stuff, only using common sense or at least my version of common sense to try to figure things out, and that is not always a good thing. :-)

Thanks for the response!


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