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Default Re: 2003 Saturn Ion Service vehicle light

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
GM, in their infinite wisdom, or lack of it, decided to use different terms as warning messages and indicators change. For Ions, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp/MIL is the check engine light(CEL)/service engine soon(SES) light/indicator as shown on the wiring diagram. My guess is the IPC displaying "Service Vehicle" would be the wrench indicator - not an emissions related issue. From the service manual; The IPC displays the SERVICE VEHICLE message when it receives a request from any module because of a detected problem. - geek speak for a burned out bulb?
I don't know their logic with it.
I got a "Service Vehicle" message on the dash, plugged my obdi scanner in, and nothing came up.
Brought it to my buddies shop, he plugged his scanner in (don't remember what he has) and it showed a code for the oil pressure sensor and my thermostat.
But the CEL did not light up, and yes, the fuse was good as are the bulbs.

I'm just a guy that enjoys my Ions.
Try Google, first. Then ask.


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