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2005 RELAY-2
Default Peanutbutter in the Coolant overflow - DOHC '94 SL2

OK I know what ever is probably not good, but I am hoping (praying really), that there might be some other explanation for this, that isn't so expensive. I *love* my car. I do not want to give up on it.

Anyway, the car has about 203k miles on it. Had a re-manufactured engine put in 3 years ago (warranty expired last week of course). I have been pretty good about oil changes and all that. Hubby not as good but still within reason. I *just* put $800 into having the entire exhaust done after years of nearly going deaf. They also replaced a transmission gasket. I have noticed that the coolant light was flickering on now and then, figured it was a little low, and checked it this morning. The whole coolant over flow tank is filled with this tan peanut butter looking paste. I could not find coolant in it. Stinkit!

Here is a picture - (sorry had to cut the http off or it would not let me post links since I have not had 15 posts. Bah)

And I checked the oil, the level is a little low and it is a bit overdue for a change but not to the 'add oil' area.
Here is a picture in there - (not that you can see much)

Any other possibilities? Or are we for sure looking at head gasket?


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