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Default Re: **Write up** Eibach springs, drilled and slotted rotors.

As you can see in this picture there are two bolts that hold the caliper bracket on.

The smaller bolts are for the caliper, the pink colored bolts hold the bracket on. In this pic you also see the braket off the car.

To remove the rotors, there are these retainer washers. I think they are from the assembly line to keep the rotor from falling off.

This is what you will see now that the brakes are off the rear….

Since I am doing springs also, here is where we take a slight detour if you are only reading this for the brakes…….

This is the bolt you need to remove to allow the rear arm to swing down. (it’s a 18mm BTW)

Helpful tip………jack up the bottom of the arm like this

Using a pry bar wiggle the arm and get the bolt out. See above photo….
Lower the jack and will allow the arm to fall with the tension of the spring pushing it down..

Put your foot on the end of the arm and push down, pull the spring out.

This is a comparison…

Do the same thing and put the new spring in…….. Clue, there is something wrong in this photo, only a few will notice it. I will admit it later……
I used the jack to compress the spring lined the hole back up shimmy and wiggle to get the hole lined up. Just slide the new Rotor on. Like so…..
Reinstall the bracket for the caliper, at this time you also put the pads in…..This is the infamous piston on the rear caliper…
This is what I used to screw it in CLOCKWISE… [IMG][/IMG
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