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2002 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Default Re: 2002 L200 Sedan Diverter Valve Melted, Exhaust Issue?

Originally Posted by pierrot View Post
Not likely, but if power steering fluid actually reached the exhaust system then it definitely would result in smoke coming from under the hood as fluid is being burnt from contact with it. Any time oil is burnt in that way, regardless of oil type, it is not good and could potentially start a fire.

As it may relate to the replacement catalytic converter's longevity, how much engine oil - if any - do you typically add between oil changes?
No set amount, how much should I be adding? Once I was told it wasnít an oil leak, but the pan, I didnít think it was in jeopardy of it running out so I put some in here and there. Now I understand the function of the pan, which I didnít before so I know thats still a leak.

To be honest Iíve neglected her as I planned to get a new car and slowly fix this one up for my son until finding the diverter valve burned and the shaking that started recently from what I believe is the tie rods that I was told need replacing. A couple of weeks ago the car/steering wheel started shaking once it gets to 15-20 mph. Previously I was told by a mechanic that I need outer tie rods. This mechanic, whoís also a personal friend, said that the tie rods donít seem that bad to be making it shake like this, but until I receive the rest of the parts and get it to him I wonít know for sure. Heís also going to check the rack and pinion & rotate my tires. Heíll also check the rest of the exhaust system while itís there, but he said my muffler isnít that old so he thinks thatís fine.


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