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Default Re: What did you do to your S-Series today...

Originally Posted by Low Saturn View Post
Sounds like they lied to you or dont know what they're talking about. Did you finally get the gasket or did you use RTV as the gasket? Using just RTV is OK if you plan on selling the car and know you'll never see it agian or to someone you have a deep hatred for.

I swear if I ever buy another S-Series where someone has used RTV instead of the proper gasket, I'll find the person who did the work and give them a sex change operation via my left foot.

Having to pry and beat an RTV's cover off = not fun

Having to use a wire brush wheel to get all the gobbed on RTV off the recess on the cover = not fun

Finding RTV boogers in the head, between the timing chain cover and block, in the oil pan, and clogging up the oil pick up tube because it oooozed out on installation = not fun.
I didn't like the idea either. This was what Felpro had listed on their list, and the gasket that was given to me wasn't going to cut it, it was made for a different cover, even though the outline matched perfectly. Believe me, I would rather have the gasket if I could get the correct one. Anyone know a good part number? Thanks!



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