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Default Re: lug caps

I just put new rims and tires on my car, broke 2 lug studs off because "BRAKE MASTERS, in chatsworth california on Topanga - yah YOU GUYS!!!" cross threaded my lugs with those super duper power tools of theirs.

But I just bought Tuner style lug nuts for 2 bux each, eight bux for the the way, the lug studs were only 2 dollars aswell.

all in all, I was the last person to touch them because i was taking the tires off..had already done 2, yah...I didnt get to make them pay. BUT...I'll tear them a new arse hole for sure.

but yah, lugs are cheap...but, you confuse me with this "lug caps" are they just caps that go over the lug nut? I find it hard to believe you got home and realized you were missing lug nutts...especially all of them on 2 me crazy, but i think you would feel that whilst driving.


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