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1997 SW2
Default Re: 97 SW2 Torque Axis Mount System

Originally Posted by Bill Murray
excellent work, you'll find that an S-Sat will run forever quite cheaply if you can do your own labor.

can you mail order from USA? (AW Golden dealership) is great to work with
Matt Goll is the Saturn parts guy and he's excellent
their prices are discounted below list and they only charge the actual shipping cost via UPS
Bill, thanks for the response. It is possible to get most anything across the border. However, currency exchange and the application of duty and perhaps provincial &/or federal tax(es) plus shipping can quickly erode any potential savings on parts otherwise available from dealers.

Unlike my old Pontiac and Chev trucks that I have driven in the past, Saturn seems to be treated more as an import in Canada than as a domestic (whatever that means anymore). Unlike in the US, there was not enough anticipated sales to support dedicated dealerships; so, they were rolled in with Saab and Isuzu. I would not have purchased a used Saturn if there had not been a dealership close by. However, I feel that there is a premium attached to replacement parts for being in housed in the same facility as the more exotic cousins. Not sure; could be wrong. I hope to learn from some other Canadians on this forum what parts sources are working for them.

As for doing the labor myself, my first cars as a very young guy were '62 MG Midget, '65 Pontiac and '72 MGB. You learned a lot about cars keeping those on the road on a low budget. Technology has changed over the years; but I am once again trying to keep an aging car in operable condition.

I really appreciate the info-sharing on this forum, as my SW2 has demonstrated many symptoms described by others.



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