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Default Re: Door Lock Questions

I got some WD-40 and sprayed inside the door locks. With a couple of in-out cycles, the key the Chevrolet dealership made went in all the way and functions fine. So, that's OK.

For S&Gs, I tried the new key on the ignition. Again, it didn't go in far (as described earlier, the profiles are noticeably different). However, there was some resistance in removing it. So I tried the old key, and it started. I can't help but think the cylinder is worn to the point of causing intermittent starting problem-and it likely was from when I accidentally found I could remove the key while running.

When time allows, I'll go to the Chevrolet dealer and have them install a new cylinder with the original key code, and program the remotes. Then, I should be done with the lock issues. Thanks again, all.


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