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Default Re: Vue 4 cyl & Equinox 6 cyl strut interchange

The Gabriel quick struts seemed to have a softer spring rate and the dampers were seriously lacking in keeping up with the springs. I would swear I could get better damping with sponges

The NYC area has a lot of bumps in the road in rapid succession. I found the Gabriels has such slow rebound that when everything compressed for the next bump that if felt like the shock was still on the down stroke that it made subsequent bumps harsher and harsher.

I've had the Sachs units on for about a year now and the still ride as comfortable as when installed. The Gabriels that I took off had about nine (9) months on them when I was so irritated with them tha they were temporarily replaced with the tired OEM units. Mind you, I installed the Gabriels as NEW. When taken off, the right side basically had a dead shock mid-travel.


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