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Default Re: SL1 Automatic Issues

Just some progress to report... Battery voltage is 14.6 running. Voltage through the ground at the under-hood computer is 14.2. So it seems to still be getting enough voltage. I swapped the TPS with one from the junkyard and the trans does the same thing, so at this point I'm going to get a valve body for the thing and see what happens.
I've been driving it all over today and it shifts butter smooth. No more banging into 2nd or 4th. Not sure if it's just finally clearing itself out or if it's because it's warmed up, we shall see in the morning when it's cold. It's still just occasionally randomly downshifting into (2nd?) and throwing a P0733 code. I think what's happening is that the computer thinks it's in 3rd, but it shifts into 2nd and therefore thinks it's slipping? Trans doesn't feel like it slips at all.
I'm going to see what the valve body solenoids are ohming at, I will likely end up reconditioning a used valve body and swapping it in.


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