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Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Some background info you need to know before continuing. From the service manual, and specifically 2001 Saturn SL2/SC2/SW2;

Daytime running lamps are standard on all Saturn models..... This circuit results in both high beam lamps being connected in series, which allows the high beam lights to operate at half brightness. When driving at night or manually switching on high beams, the series circuit is bypassed and both high beams have 12v to each lamp for full power. This also means the low beams are not affected and run like all low beams, each low beam is wired to 12v for full power.

Are you trying to wire in HID's for low beams? If yes, no wiring mods needed. If wiring for HID high beams, HID's cannot run in a series circuit (DRL mode). You have two options; lose DRL mode by removing the DRL relay that prevents the series circuit from operating and manually switching high beams. From my understanding of Canadian laws, daytime running lights are mandatory so removing the DRL relay and disabling DRL's would be illegal. If you want DRL's and want HID's on high beams, some thought is needed to see if a mod can be made to run high beams in parallel mode where daytime HID's high beams are wired for full 12 volts to each lamp.

Below is the DRL wiring schematic. I haven't examined it for accuracy because DRLs are wired differently from one model to another. My L300 uses low beams for DRL's and wired in series but switch back to parallel/full 12v when night driving or manually switched.

they don't really inforce it too much in Canada for DRL what do u mean by wired in series but switched back to parallel?

cause i believe its pink wire or blue wire is the "highbeam" wire and it drops to ground when high beams are active, im pretty confused on how to get atleast 9-12v for drl instead of the dumb 6v


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