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Default Re: Vue 4 cyl & Equinox 6 cyl strut interchange

A bit more research shows the external dimensions are the same between the Vue and Equinox struts. The differences lie in the pistons:

Compressed Length = 12.16 inches
Extended Length = 20.51 inches
Piston travel/stroke = 8.35 inches.

CL = 12.44" (.28" greater, approximately a little more than a quarter inch)
EL = 21.04" (.53" greater, approximately a little more than half an inch)
PT = 8.6" (.25" greater, a quarter inch more of overall travel)

So there is no fear of the piston "bottoming out" on bump and you gain some travel on return. I'm probably going to move forward and order the Sachs units and install them to replace the Gabriel ReadyMount set that has been a disappointment.

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