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Default Re: Brakes feel that they do not grip well

Originally Posted by born again View Post
I generally get wear from 2 sets of pads from a set of rotors. I do not resurface. I replace them when warped or under the minimum thickness. Note that the FSM does not endorse resurfacing brake rotors. New pads quickly conform to lightly ridged rotors, in the first few stops of the burnishing process. The lack of bite here is likely due to worn/aged brake pads, old brake fluid, air, grease/oil contamination, or a failed brake booster, or (my bet) all or most of these. The L-Series I have both have excellent brakes that start to grab with nearly zero pedal travel and braking increases linearly with pedal force. It should be possible to either lock all 4 wheels or activate ABS if you have it with moderately hard brake pressure.

Note- these cars are getting to the age where brake line failure is possible. Another possibility to the list above is a worn master cylinder. I change my brake fluid annually, as this is a requirement of my car club prior to allowing track use.
Please get your brake lines checked: After I replaced my rotors and pads, the extra thickness seemed to add pressure and out went my brake line. Most of my lines are severely corroded, and about to burst and leak throughout. I live on a tight budget and consider the risks but be aware the treatment on our brake lines does not last forever...I bought the cheapest pads/rotors at Autozone and while they work fine, there is considerable pedal travel. I wouldn't tow with my car, but it stops fine most of the time.

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