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Default Re: Brakes feel that they do not grip well

I was hoping you would respond - you always seem to have the most considered responses!

Tepid is a good description. and I would suppose that the brakes on this car would be more 'grippy' than my other one - but it appears that its the car, not me.

As to resurfacing, I do not dispute what you say, but having previously checked other sources there was some thought that it was not an automatic change pads and resurface rotors. There were quite a few mentions that it is often something done to line the pockets of the shops, rather than a necessity.

I too notice the activation of ABS is rather often. This past weekend it was annoying in the snow storm I was caught in - I found better results with { and i know one is not supposed to do this } pumping the brakes effecting a better stop response.

Also as you mention, when someone else is driving my car they have remarked about the 'weak' brakes. I am used to it, and always keep several car length between myself and those ahead of me [ you know, so I'm not part of those lovely 5 car crashes ] and know what pressure to apply. Seems odd though that the car is designed that way.

And as this is not my first Saturn wagon, I think I'll keep it Last one drowned inadvertently in a hellatious down pour we had a few years back, water was too deep and no where for me to go. The engine apparently does not like to ingest water.

Thank you for the reply.


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