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Default Re: Thank You for Participating in's 2012 Saturn Reunion, Should We Do

Originally Posted by raymondmm View Post
Yes, do this reunion again, but this time, GIVE MORE NOTICE.
As I just told another user, all the reminders were confined to this general forum and I believe the main site.. there were threads here about 4 days till Saturn Reunion, etc..

Originally Posted by mike08vue View Post
I took the settlement and got an L300 that looked just like the totaled Saturn. I kept it for 5 years without incident.
You mean it also came with the stick shift?!

Originally Posted by tiggerkanga View Post
Yes please do it again...I missed it because my iPhone couldnít get thru the few time I had time to try!!

I have a Thankful I drive a Saturn story.
After a 4 hour drive I was turning in to the Funeral home, where I was suppose to finish up the paper work for my Uncle, when I pull right in front of a car (Iím sure he was going too fast and I should have waited). My father was in the passengerís seat. My Vue took the hit and good care of both of us, my father and I were a little sore but that was it. Someone said my Vue should have been totaled but I was lucky that my insurance company didnít agree and it was fixed (almost a brand new engine). So 7-years later Kanga, my Vue, are still together and she running fine and accident-free!
Can't tell whether or not to take your post seriously or not due to the in your post icon at the top of your post..

but yeah, what service does your iPhone have (Verizon, AT&T, sprint, etc)? Most likely I'd start there or use Wi-Fi.

All this being said, yes, do it again Charlie

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