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Roll Eyes Re: Thank You for Participating in's 2012 Saturn Reunion, Should We Do

Yes please do it again...I missed it because my iPhone couldnít get thru the few time I had time to try!!

I have a Thankful I drive a Saturn story.
After a 4 hour drive I was turning in to the Funeral home, where I was suppose to finish up the paper work for my Uncle, when I pull right in front of a car (Iím sure he was going too fast and I should have waited). My father was in the passengerís seat. My Vue took the hit and good care of both of us, my father and I were a little sore but that was it. Someone said my Vue should have been totaled but I was lucky that my insurance company didnít agree and it was fixed (almost a brand new engine). So 7-years later Kanga, my Vue, are still together and she running fine and accident-free!


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