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Default Re: Thank You for Participating in's 2012 Saturn Reunion, Should We Do

I've posted several messages on the forum this week, but not a "testimonial". So here goes. Back in 2001, I had a new L200 5-speed. I was on Ky55 headed tward the Bluegrass parkway and came up to a shopping center entrance that had no turn lane, this was in a small town near the parkway. Several cars were stopped, planning to turn into the center. I came up behind the line and stopped. After a short while, I heard a loud crash and then I was shoved down and backwards in the seat. A 3/4 ton Ford truck had slammed into a Monte Carlo behind me and shoved it into me. My car went forward into a minivan in front of the line. The truck was severely damaged, the Monte Carlo was totalled, as was my car and the minivan had several thousand dollars of rear damage. Only the minivan driver and I didn't have any apparent injuries; the others were serious enough to be taken by ambulances to the hospital. The L200 had severe front and rear frame damage,but the passanger compartment held up and the doors would open, I think it kept me from being injured like the Monte Carlo occupants. I took the settlement and got an L300 that looked just like the totaled Saturn. I kept it for 5 years without incident.

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