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Happy Re: fabricating non-fluted lens

I did something like that for some old Jaguar turn signal lenses where the originals were yellowed and cracked. The car was so old that I couldn't buy replacements.

I pieced the originals together as best I could, sanded and filled them to be smooth and then made silicone molds from them. The only difference is that I put a layer of silicone on the original lenses, then layers of gauze (to make the molds stiffer) and finished with silicone pours just like on the website.

The new ones (clear) turned out great and went with the car when I sold it. I gave the molds to the new owner and he seemed quite happy to get them.

I also did something similar a while back for a cracked projector headlight lens on the beemer ($185 OEM versus $20 DIY). It's still on the car and still hasn't yellowed or anything.

I think that the filling and smoothing of the originals may be the ticket for what the OP wanted to do (to make non-fluted versions of the originals).

I pieced my molds and lenses together with materials from Tap Plastics, but I agree with spacemanspif that you may be better off buying a kit. At least then you know that all the materials are compatible.

Another possibility would be to make plaster molds of the originals (female molds) and take them to a plastics shop. They can vacuum form plastic into the mold and you'd have a smooth (inside and out) surface in the color of your choice.

There are loads of plans on the web for DIY vacuum forming things. I want to play with that technique a bit myself. I know a guy in LA who built all his own vacuum forming equipment and has been in business using it for over 30 years. It is not rocket science.


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