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Default Re: Cracked windscreen

Originally Posted by VWCarcrazy View Post
When this whole acoustic laminated vs non-acoustic laminated flap was discussed ad-nausium here about a year ago when Saturn dropped the "acoustic laminated" windshields in May 2008, I discussed with my dealer who referred me to the parts department. They verified that the stock number for ALL GM Saturn replacement windshield glass is the "old" stocknumber - which is the "triple-laminated acoustic safety glass". So, if you want to make sure you get the "quiet" glass and your insurance company is paying the tab, I would personally have your Saturn dealer do the work or at the least make sure the company that is doing the work assures you are getting the "quiet acoustic laminated" Saturn glass or a verified acoustic replacement. Please report back on your results. I have one small 1/8" diameter "star" in my Aura windshield and it has not cracked or grown. In my state (Wisconsin), replacement glass is not included in your auto insurance unless you pay extra for it. The quote from my insurance company (State Farm) is $100/car/year. With (4) cars, I passed on the insurance. So any replacement will be on my dime and I am not looking forward to it. Best luck.
If you have a 1/8" star Id just have it filled. Ive done it numerous time on all my cars and you cant even notice where the star was when its done. Dont do the do it yourself filler but get it done at a glass shop. it will be less than $100.


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