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Sad Re: Cracked windscreen

I read this post a couple days ago, and as luck would have it, a rock hit my windshield today. After parking at the movie theater, I came back out to my car and the new 10" crack that was not there when i parked.

Looks like I will be going to get the window replaced now also. Michel1961, I have 2 questions:

1. Can you post the prices you were quoted to replace the window?

2. Can I opt to have the little tint placed across the top of the window? I notice they are not doing this in new GM vehicles, i never noticed how helpful it was when the sun is in your eyes.

My friend had the windshield replaced on his 2007 maxima. After replacement, his window leaked, it was eventually fixed, but im guessing he would have been better off getting the dealer to install it.


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