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Default Re: "Service Traction" - "Service ESC" comes up

My kid drives my 2001 Bonneville that has a lot of bells and whistles (my wife hates that car). This winter he called me from college a few hours away to say that the TC and Anti-lock brake warnings had come on. I told him to ignore them, and called our local dealer (no GM dealer in the small college town knows anything). My local dealer noted that we had just gone through an ice-storm and very slushy roads, and said it was a very common problem with these systems. He suggested getting the car inside to warm up, or take the car through a carwash and pay extra to get the underbody wash. My kid did this and the problem went away and did not return. Seems these systems are very sensitive to extreme heat (over 100 deg F), extreme cold (below -10 deg F), freezing slush/ice buildup around wheels/brakes, internal moisture (condensation, not rain), etc. that can effect wheel speed and balance or the wheel sensors themselves. The GMC/Pontiac dealer said that the sensors are quite expensive to replace, and are many times replaced unneccesarily by a worried owner or a profit-seeking dealer doing parts swapping instead of real diagnosis. And that it is not a big issue to drive a short time with either warning light on. If the light stays on for a long time (ie: many days or a week or so), take it to the dealer. If it is under warranty and you have time to burn, take it in sooner than later. Best luck.


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