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2004 VUE 2.2L
Default Re: Extend warranty or not?

Yes!!! extend it.

Sadly, I did not extend the warranty it on my 04 VUE. My excellent experience with my 93 SW1 having minimal wear and tear repair issues by the 315,943 when I traded it in on the VUE, gave me a false confidence in the VUE

At only 14 months in and 37 miles past the 36,000 I began the first of many major expenses beginning with the clutch. I now have 126K+ miles and I have had to spend an average of $2217 a year since the 36,000 miles to keep the car on the road. Nearly every other trip to the dealer I get the same story from my Saturn Service Center, "they used cheap (undersized) parts in production, but changed designs before production numbers rose to recall status. Sorry, but it will cost $$$ to fix it."

To put this in perspective my SW1, after adjusting for inflation, only cost me an average of $319 a year. Guess that is where they made up their money on the 0% financing I was given on the VUE.

Sad thing is my driving has not changed since my 93 SW1. I travel about 32,000 a year with about 97% of that being highway miles at 300+ miles a clip without stopping. I hate to think of what the costs could be if I had a family and had lots of short stop and go trips.

93 SW1 (315,943) 34/47 ACTUAL MPG
04 VUE (126,000+) 22/30 ACTUAL MPG


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