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Default Re: Extend warranty or not?

Originally Posted by RobertGary1 View Post
I'm at 35,500 miles in our 06' FWD Vue so I need to decide pretty soon if I'm going to extend the warranty. My wife is very set against it, pointing out that we've never taken a car to a mechanic, I've always done all our non-warranty work myself. My only concern is that I pull the boat with it (about 2900 lbs) and am wondering if the extra wear on the engine/transmission could be worth it.
A full warranty up to 95,000 miles is about $2,000 or I can get the basic GM warranty (engine/tranny) for $1400. What would the worse case scenario cost me if I didn't get the warranty (so replace an engine (V6) or tranny)? I would likely do the labor myself.

It's a chance game like everyone else is saying but if you plan to do most of the work yourself anyway then it's likely you would only break even if you needed it. So there would have to be 2 major failures to come out of top. Things happen but if the Vue has mostly been trouble free and no one is pushing it too hard then its probably a safe bet to skip the warranty.

The Honda engine shouldn't cause any trouble as long as it's maintained regularly so that mostly leaves the tranny. Cheaper to invest in an aux. transmission cooler than an additional warranty if you tow that often.


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