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Default Re: 95 SL2 just started running funny.

Originally Posted by Luke View Post
Additionally, though, if there is any small pieces of carbon, lodging open the central pintle, disconnecting the EGR will not absolve the issue.

It would be better to take the unit off, and examine it -- while at the same time, cleaning it.

I am somewhat surprised that the SES light did not come on, thus setting a code into memory [#39].
I believe something caused my EGR valve to stick open. Removing the cable didn't do anything since it was still stuck open. Revving the engine seemed to break it loose, so now it's shut so that the engine can idle fine.

The EGR is still disconnected and the engine is running fine, but now the SES light is on.

Of course the problem isn't solved. It has just been isolated to the EGR valve. And of course I'll be removing and cleaning it as soon as I get a chance. Also while I have it off I'll be cleaning out the ducting in the head and intake manifold as best I can.

In any case, now that I think about it, if the EGR were permanently lodged open, removing the cable to it might have had no effect incorrectly leading me to believe that the EGR was not the problem. Luckily that wasn't the case or I might have wasted a ton of money and time replacing my plugs, wires, and every sensor in the engine trying to locate this problem.


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