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Default Re: Is there a single component that can be the cause all 6 plugs to misfire?

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
I'm not familiar with 3.5L Vues so cannot comment on timing belt inspection procedures. With a twelve year old Vue and less than 100k miles on it, the evap codes may be age and/or corrosion related. Live in the salt belt? Mechanic new to you? If spark plugs were not replaced with recommended plugs, going off on a whim or hearsay can sometimes create new problems.
plugs were correct iridium denso's.
the Vue is from Florida. I drove it here about a month ago.
when I took it to the mechanic, there were no codes being thrown.
mechanic is new, but a lot of people from where I work use him, as he is across the street from us.
coincidences happen, but there were no codes when I dropped it off at the mechanic's garage, and two when I picked it up.


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