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Default Re: (nos kit) need to know what parts are needed!!

i just read some stuff on that site, i run nitrous on another car so i know it quite well. He says to use a dry kit for a 97...
Easiest way to add nitrous to a dohc up til 97 is to use a wet kit. they are available cheap. I personally only use NOS brand equipment. the nitrous line would go into one side of the fogger nozzle and fuel into the other (through a fuel solenoid and nitrous solenoid). Use the service port on the fuel rail to get the extra fuel. I cant remember what AN size it is off hand but it screws right on. First remove the schrader valve of course. A 100 shot of nitrous would require reducing timing on the motor by approx 4* when its activated. Otherwise you can have detonation and really damage the motor. MSD makes a distributor-less ignition system that works with our cars. i use to use it on my saturn years ago. forged pistons are absolutely necessary but definitely worth it if you plan on using it often.


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