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Default Re: HELP! high idle 1995 Saturn SL -- Vacuum Problem?

What is broken are the two plastic vacuum lines, one of which is important. The smaller line goes to the fuel pressure regulator and if this has a vacuum leak it will impact fuel pressure and can cause the car run badly. If I remember correctly, the bigger vacuum line goes to the back of the motor to a switch for the fuel evap system. A leak in the evap system won't give you any rough running issues but a crack in the smaller line will cause the fuel pressure to be wrong. The best fix is to get these lines from a junkyard as I doubt the parts stores will have one. If you still have a decent-sized piece of the smaller tube you could always JB weld it in place in the housing on the throttle body to seal the leak. I am sorry but I don't know if these vacuum lines actually have a specific name. I tried finding one on Rock Auto but I didn't see any. Best of luck in fixing your engine.

Also, I had the same problem happen on my car a few years ago. These plastic parts just get brittle but I was able to find one that had little damage at the junkyard.

1995 SC2: Back on the road again after my second engine rebuild in two years.


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