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Default Re: Saturn Prepares for Life Beyond General Motors

Originally Posted by 2NDSOUT View Post
Well, this could be a good thing, or a bad thing...

But I think it would be cool if they went all electric and really pulled it off. What would be really sweet to see here?

The EV-1 revived in an all new aspect, looking very similar to the first one. Granted even though Saturn wouldn't "MAKE" the car, they could get the outsourcing and building of a "New" EV-1 and have it built by Tesla. Since Tesla is looking to build a Sedan sometime in the next couple of years...who knows.

I think my idea would be pretty awesome if it came true. Think about it...the EV-1 was ahead of it's time, Tesla is still starting up. Having the EV-1 rebuilt and marketed as the "Saturn/Tesla EV-1"....that would be pretty cool.

This is a completely off the wall idea, and would definately fit in with the whole "Different Kind of Car"...

Besides the EV-1 would outsell the Volt anyday

The EV-1 would be more practical anyway.
I think something like this company would fill the bill better:

BYD which stands for Build Your Dreams has built the world's first mass-produced, plug-in hybrid car, beating both Chevrolet and Toyota to the punch.

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