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Default head bolt torquing issue

I just put a 97 DOHC head on a 2000 SOHC block. I torqued down all the bolts in sequence and it seems 1 is WAY tighter than the rest and some seem kinda loose. Is that normal with this 22 , 37 then additional 90 degress bull? That just doesn't seem accurate. I set my tq wrench to 70 ft/lbs and checked each one. The front bolt in the center is tighter than that. A few other were around 60 and the rest were below that. Is this going to work? ANd if I turbo charge it , will this cause it to blow out? Engine repair is something new to me. I usually don't tear into engines at all. Just replace them. But I got a good block with 115K miles and a good head with 110K miles on it. If it runs it should be a good running non smoker. If I got the timing marks correct. Noe of those seemed to want to line up exactly either. They did on the old block.

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