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2003 VUE 3.0L
Default Water pump/timing belt on 03 VUE FWD V6

replying to another post in the forum prompted me to start this thread here too.

my weekend was consumed (again) with Vue maintenance.

'03 V6 FWD Vue had been leaving periodic DexCool puddles underneath. Turns out the water pump was sporadically puking coolant. Dealer wanted nearly $1k for water pump and timing belt replacement (at 50k miles). So, I purchased the water pump from a friend at dealer cost since my retailer apparently likes to charge a 200% markup on retail parts. Water pump was not too bad to change, but when the car was apart, i noticed a bad spot on the timing belt. This looked like a manufacturing defect that was there since new.

So, I had to go to my retailer to look for the tools to lock the crank and cams for doing the timing belt swap. The parts counter guy tells me that Saturn does not sell tools, only parts. The guy in service tells me that he has no idea where i could buy the tools even though they obviously have them there. none of the local parts stores carry the tool.

Accordingly, I had to do the timing belt swap by hand without the special tools, which took about 3 times as long as it should.

Net, wanted to post for 2 reasons:
1. If you find DexCool leaking from the timing cover, get the water pump changed IMMEDIATELY as to avoid a more involved repair.
2. If you are going to attempt a repair yourself, locate this mysterious tool set ahead of time. Changing the timing belt is possible without it, but not a lot of fun.


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