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I know I'm late to the party, but I had to add this. On Oct 2nd I was coming home from having been in the ER with my Aunt. It was about 0300 in the AM. I was on the highway, but in a rural area. I didn't have my brights on because I had met other traffic. All of a sudden there was something BIG, black & dead (not moving) in my lane. I guess I'm glad I didn't swerve, I probably would have caught a bit of it and flipped my car. As it was my 1997 Saturn SL went airborn, both air bags deployed, we hit the pavement again and I never lost control. I think a big Thank you God as I'm no stunt driver. I ended up driving on home as I was about 10-15 min from the farm. My Saturn is totaled, but still got me safely home. There is NO body damage at all. The radiator & fan, and air conditioner compressor (maybe it was condenser?) shot. I want that car FIXED! It got reliably over 40 mpg, and got me HOME! I have been playing phone tag with the insurance people, but maybe tomorrow. I bought a 2002 SC2 from a car lot, it doesn't get the milage, but I wanted another Saturn & thanks to cash for clunkers good used cars are hard to find I was told by more than one car lot. One salesman complained they so destroyed the cars taken in, they can't even be used for parts. So I felt lucky to get the car I did. But if anyone on this board worked at making Saturns, you made the finest car ever on the road. I love my Satun, and wouldn't settle for anything less than another one.


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