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Default Re: Will Saturns be classic cars?

Originally Posted by 2NDSOUT View Post
I honestly believe- that any 1991 Model Year cars (Remember only ~48K were built the first year); which now are eligible for Historical Plate status...and rightly should be labeled as such... will be classic.

Also- any limited production S-Series Cars, I think, will be considered Classic. As I have mentioned- those car gurus in Car circles, who know the history of Saturn; will know about these cars, and may even have a limited production model-

Any remaining 1991 Model Year S-Series
1994/1999 HCE
10th Anniversary
2002 Spring Special
White/Red Hot
Yellow Bumblebee Edition (99 of these were built- NOT to be confused with the regular 2001 Yellow SC Edition... ~3000 of the regulars were built)

THESE are the cars that will be considered "Saturn Classics"
To car gurus in car circles who know the history of Saturn, yes. But not to the masses. I agree there is probably no other 90's era car more revered among DIY owner/mechanics except the Honda Civic, and the Civic won't be a classic either, it's just too ubiquitos and changed shape too much. The Datsun 610 is more of a classic than any Civic. The masses don't know the Saturn S series or Civics like they know the Model T, '57 Chevy, Split-window Stingray, '64.5 Mustang, '77 Trans Am, VW bug, Willys-Overland Jeep, Lamborghini Countach etc. by sight to be classics, but maybe not enough time has passed. I think the Sky/Solstice has the best chance of being identified and remembered, but the rebadging does blur it's identity some.

I see the Saturn S-series as a 90's era version of the 80's era Chrysler K-car, which was a great car and a milestone in automotive history, but not a classic.

A car older than 25 years makes it an antique, not a classic.


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