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Default Re: Will Saturns be classic cars?

Originally Posted by Tethys View Post
The Ion Red Line, as Saturn's performance model, should be Saturn's first classic when it becomes eligible in 2029, along with the Sky and Sky Red Lines, though by definition, any surviving 1991-1993 Saturn models are already classics, with 1994 added to that category next year.

After that, the Vue Red Line, with its novel Honda 3.5L V-6, should be next. The garden-variety models - S-series, L-series, Ion, Aura, Vue, Vue Green Line, Outlook, etc., will simply become rolling curiosities, much like finding a surviving Pacer, Matador, Eagle, Gremlin, is today.
I disagree. The S-Series first model year was unique (1991), of which- any of the 48K made for the first model year if they still exist, are now eligible for Historical Plates (The 25 year mark in most states). There were plenty of limited production S-Series Cars- The 1994 and 1999 Homecoming Editions (3500 and 4000 made- respectively, The 2001 Bumblebee with black roof (99 of them built), the Red Hot and White Hot Cars...

Those that are in Car circles, will know the history of the Car, as well as Saturn....

People pooped on The Corvair... and now? It's a collectible car that is sought after...

The websites above- are what I think would be cool to happen with S-Series cars... maybe it's wishful thinking, on my part... ???


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