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Default Will Saturns be classic cars?

My 95 SL2 will be 25 years old next year. Will Saturns be a classic, collectible car? Are the 91-93 cars appreciating in price or considered collectible? Iím the original owner and it was/is my 1st new car, so Iím emotionally attached. Before the SL2, I had a 67 Mustang which I sold when it became impossible to smog. I somewhat regret selling it since, even if I had paid to garage it, it may have been worth it.

Iím tempted to keep the SL2, but Iím not in a position to work on it myself, so maintenance & repairs costs will far exceed book value of roughly $800. My friends laugh - they donít think Saturns will ever be classic like Mustangs.

Iíd like to keep it another year as a 2nd car, but could see where itís a bad investment if theyíre just going to slowly disappear. As it is, I see fewer Saturns on the road now than there were Mustangs when I sold mine. Iíve Googled to no results any plans on a Saturn museum, so I think Saturn really is a cult following, not the mass appeal that made the Mustang and Camaro such popular classics.



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